Environmental Policy Statement

The Directors of Ian Firth Hardware Ltd recognise the importance of minimising the impact our business activities have on the environment.  In order to achieve this goal we have established an effective documented Environmental Management System that has been developed to meet or surpass the requirements of BS EN 14001, prevailing revision.


Of prime importance to us is the responsible purchasing of timber based products, and where practical Ian Firth Hardware Limited only use certified and/or material sourced from sustainable forestation, and never from illegal sources.  To help us in this area we have implemented Chain of Custody procedures to ensure that our timber purchases meet the required standards and also the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), whose aim is to monitor the worldwide trade in such species to avoid them reaching unsustainable levels.  We also have certification under Chain of Custody for PEFC certified products.   Where timber purchases are not yet fully covered we will continue to work closely with our suppliers to help them implement their own Chain of Custody programmes within agreed timescales.


In addition to the responsible procurement of timber based products the main aims of our policy are to : -

  • As a minimum fulfil compliance obligations

e.g. Chain of Custody, PEFC, where possible.

  • Encourage the responsible use of energy in the running of our operations
  • Recycle materials where possible, thereby reducing the demand on natural resources
  • Minimise the waste we produce, and dispose of any safely and responsibly in order to prevent pollution.
  • Reduce emissions by using more fuel efficient vehicles, and better route planning, with utilising third party carriers.

Our staff will receive training as necessary to uphold the environmental aims of the Company, the processes of which form an integral part of our Integrated Management System


The Board of Directors are accountable for the EMS (Environmental Management System), responsible for setting and reviewing environmental objectives, ensuring EMS requirements are integrated in all the company’s processes, provide resources, and ensure the EMS achieves its intended outcomes.


Ian Firth Hardware Limited are committed to the continual improvement of our Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance, and will take any action deemed to be appropriate, with the support of our suppliers, customers & staff, that will enhance it’s development.


PEFC Due Diligence:

  1. All products sold as PEFC Certified will be sourced as PEFC Certified and verified as such on receipt
  2. Suppliers of PEFC products will be asked to provide information on the origin and species of their products, if required.
  3. As products are PEFC Certified, risk assessments will not be required.
  4. Where substantiated concerns are received from third parties, concerning supplier compliance with legal requirements and other aspects of controversial sources. they are promptly investigated and, if validated, will result in (re-)assessment of the risks associated with the relevant supplies.
  5. Where substantiated concerns are about material originally excluded from risk assessment, they will undergo a risk assessment according to the requirements of clause 5.3 of the ‘F’ CoC standard.


This policy is also available to interested parties via our website www.ianfirth.co.uk or any specific enquiries can be directed to our Technical & Marketing Director at the above address