IFO.03 A190 Light Duty Joist Hanger

Lightweight hanger manufactured from 0.9mm thick galvanised steel, for timber to timber application.

A190 Light Duty Joist Hanger

Produced from galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D + G275 as standard, or stainless steel available to order.

Galvanised hangers must be fixed using 30 x 3.75mm sheradised square twisted nails in all pre-punched holes.

Product Reference S.W.L.(KN)** Width (W) Side (S) Leg(L) Box Qty.
A190/38 6.43 38mm 100mm 190mm 100
A190/44 6.43 44mm 100mm 190mm 100
A190/50 6.43 50mm 100mm 190mm 100

Bearing Surface 50mm