IFU.30 Placid Range

When glazing in the door leaf is not necessary, there is no need to compromise on style.

placid 4p 4 panel grp door

IFU.30 Placid Door Type

Traditional 4 panel GRP door with woodgrain effect

Colour options

Standard colours include White, Black, Blue, Green and Red.
The inside face and door edges remain white.

  • White RAL 9016

  • Black RAL 9005

    Black GRP RAL9005
  • Blue RAL 5004

    blue GRP RAL5004
  • Green RAL 6009

    Green GRP RAL6009
  • Red NCSS3560-Y90R (similar to RAL 3013)

    Red GRP RAL3013 NCSS3560-Y90R ian firth red

Also available in these colours

Woodgrain effects such as Golden Oak and Rosewood are hand applied so that there will be a slight variation from door to door as you would get with real timbers.
RAL colours can include Light Grey, Slate Grey, Anthracite Grey, Home Cream, Duck Egg Blue, Chartwell Green, and any other RAL number sprayed to order.
The inside face and door edges remain white as standard unless a particular finish was required which could be sprayed to order.

  • Golden Oak Woodgrain

    golden oak GRP woodgrain
  • Rosewood Woodgrain

    Rosewood mahogany GRP woodgrain
  • Light Grey RAL 7001

    Light Grey RAL7001 GRP
  • Slate Grey RAL 7015

    Slate Grey RAL7015
  • Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

    Anthracite Grey RAL7016 GRP
  • Home Cream RAL 1015

    Home Cream RAL1015 GRP
  • Duck Egg Blue RAL 6027

    Duck Egg Blue GRP RAL6027 GRP
  • Chartwell Green RAL 6019

    Chartwell Green RAL6019 GRP
  • other RAL colours

    other RAL numbered colours