IFS19.18 Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner

Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner is used to remove wet/uncured foam. Attaches to Gun Foam Applicator for purging through; also includes spray nozzle for use without applicator to remove wet foam from outside of the gun and from most building substrates. 500ml

Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner

Product Description

EVERFLEX PU FOAM CLEANER is an aerosol product containing a solvent for cleaning all uncured PU foams.



  • Contains separate nozzle, hence may be used to clean both guns and DIY grade nozzles.
  • Enables expensive guns to be reused time after time.



    Areas for Use

  • Cleaning Pu foams from guns and nozzles.
  • Cleaning spilt PU foam from surrounding areas.




  • Will only clean uncured foam.
  • Cured foam must be removed mechanically.