IFS19.01 General Purpose Silicone

General Purpose Silicone is a mid modulus silicone sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials. Contains an anti-fungal compound to prevent mould growth in areas of high humidity. Forms a permanently flexible rubber seal.

General Purpose Silicone
table silicone

Product Description

EVERBUILD GENERAL PURPOSE SILICONE is a Multi-Purpose acetoxy cure silicone sealant that cures quickly to provide a permanently flexible, high strength waterproof seal.  It contains a powerful anti-fungicide to prevent mould growth.




  1. Permanently flexible.
  2. Anti-fungal formula - prevents mould growth.
  3. Quick curing - low dirt pick up.
  4. Low viscosity for fast application
  5. Certified under the harmonized European standard EN15651 for façade, cold climate and sanitary applications in compliance with the Construction Product Regulation



    Areas for Use

  • Sealing around baths, showers, basins and other sanitary ware.
  • As an adhesive for fixing Pvcu trims, cladding and panels.
  • Sealing around worktops and laminates.
  • Sealing to metal, timber and Pvcu window frames, and pointing around window and door Frames.                 
  • For aluminium gutter sealing.
  • General draught proofing.




  1. Not for use in aquarium manufacture. Use EVERFLEX AQUAMATE.
  2. Not for use in conjunction with bitumen, or asphalt. Use WEATHERMATE..
  3. Not for use on highly porous surfaces such as new concrete or stonework. Priming is advised or use SILICONE 450.
  4. Not for use on substrates that may bleed oils, solvent or plasticisers.
  5. Do not use in the vicinity of, or in conjunction with the edge sealant of double glazed units. Use SILICONE 450.
  6. Do not use for perimeter pointing of upvc. Use SILICONE HM60 or SILICONE 450.
  7. Do not use on soft metals such as lead and brass. Use LEADMATE SILICONE.
  8. Non overpaintable.